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The moves mark an effort by browser makers to become more assertive even when it means overruling the instructions coded into websites. Years ago, advertising technology companies were instrumental in shooting down a technology called Do Not Track that could have offered consumers a way to explicitly tell websites they didn't want their web behavior monitored, but now browser makers are moving ahead on their own.

Cookies are small text files that websites can store in your browser — either first-party cookies from the operator of the website or third-party cookies that can come along for the ride from advertising and analytics firms. Mozilla is blocking those third-party cookies under a Firefox feature called enhanced tracking protection it announced in 2018.

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There, tracking scripts embedded in websites gauge the features and configuration of your browser, a collection of data that can uniquely identify you. Blocking cookies can lead to another tracking strategy called fingerprinting. To thwart this, browser makers are cutting down on factors that can be used in fingerprinting and blocking identified fingerprinting scripts.

That stance contrasts with Apple's criticism that free services turn your personal data into a product sold to advertisers. «Privacy cannot be a luxury good offered only to people who can afford to buy premium products and services,» Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a May op-ed.

There are so many different choices in fun websites that pay cash that you will never run out of cool things to do, or run out of extra cash again. Even if you are just paying for your cell phone bill and internet service every month with a few fun games, this is sure to be a great way for you to cash in on the internet with an enjoyable new way to make extra cash.

First, navigate to the shortcut you use to launch Chrome and open properties, then at the end of the target location add "--force-dark-mode" (without quotations). While today's update includes support for Windows 10, not everyone will have it yet, but there is a trick to get it early. Similarly, Dark Mode, which arrived last month on macOS with Chrome 73. Dark Mode will then be enabled when you launch Chrome, although if you usually open it from a pinned taskbar you'll need to unpin then pin it again for the trick to stick.

Apple's Safari has blocked third-party cookies for far longer and more recently added a feature called intelligent tracking prevention that goes even further. Rival browser Brave also blocks third-party cookies. Browser tracker blocking becomes standard
Mozilla started letting people block tracking in 2017, but it isn't the first to enable the feature by default. Even Google's dominant Chrome is starting to rein in cookies.

«There's massive browser war coming around user privacy, tracking, and targeted ads (Google, FB, adtech vs Apple, Mozilla, Brave and hopefully Microsoft),» Cáceres tweeted. «It's going to last a few years and it's going to get really ugly.» Mozilla engineer Marcos Cáceres echoed the thought a few days ago in a tweet taking aim at Google and Facebook.

In this backdrop, entrepreneurs and the general workforce are considering the option of freelancers. Thus freelancing opportunities create a win-win situation benefitting both the parties. This fact provides a befitting explanation of its ever-increasing popularity. Employers are freed from the responsibility of paying fixed salaries and do not have to entail establishment costs. For a professional freelancer gets the liberty to choose his own payment rates, seek projects as per his professional competence, and work with a greater degree of authority. Likewise, employers are looking for productive ways through which they can curtail cost and get their job done efficiently. In contemporary times, people are looking for alternative sources of income as the competition in job market continues to grow.

Straight out of the box, though, is motion reduction designed to limit motion sickness when viewing parallax scrolling, zooming and other motion effects. There's also enhanced functionality for PiP (picture-in-picture) video and the usual security and bug updates.

-text c-gray-1" >Google has launched Chrome 74 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, bringing with it a bunch of handy new features, although some — such as Incognito detection blocking — require a bit of tinkering to access.

And then there are Chrome 74's hotly-anticipated Dark Mode and Incognito features, although neither have rolled out completely yet. Incognito detection blocking is live, but you'll need to enable it yourself. Doing this will close the loophole that lets Safe Websites identify whether a user is browsing in disguise or not, meaning that private browsing really will be private browsing. Enter Quality Checked Website Directory in a new Chrome window, search for Incognito and then enable the Filesystem API in Incognito.

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