Which $750 phone should you buy? Probably one of these two

id=«article-body» class=«row» section=«article-body»> If you're looking for a flagship phone but don't want to pay a flagship price, the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10E are two of your best options from Apple and Samsung Geekbench. Having launched in October 2018, the iPhone XR is the most recent and Samsung Geekbench least expensive iPhone you can get, compared to the $1,000 iPhone XS and $1,100 iPhone XS Max.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10E came out this year, and is one of five Galaxy phones Samsung unveiled in February. Compared to the $900 Galaxy S10 and the pricier $1,980 Galaxy Fold (which doesn't yet have an official release date, thanks to screen issues), the Galaxy S10E is the cheapest one of the group.

Now playing: Watch this: iPhone XR vs. Galaxy S10E: How to choose the best phone 13:44 Both the iPhone XR and Samsung Geekbench Galaxy S10E start at $750 and have comparable features and hardware. So if you're comfortable with both iOS and Android, how do you choose what phone to get? We break down the pros and Samsung Geekbench cons of each when it comes to their design, Samsung Geekbench camera prowess, Geek bench antutu battery and processing performance, software features and extra goodies.

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