Insulin pioneer celebrated in World Diabetes Day Google Doodle

id=«article-body» class=«row» section=«article-body»> Frederick Banting won the Nobel Prize at age 32.

Google Google marked World Diabetes Day on Monday with a tribute to the first physician and scientist to use insulin on humans, Frederick Banting.

The Doodle celebrating Banting is a simple, глюкометр mustard-hued cartoon with the second «o» in Google replaced by an insulin bottle. It also features a portrait of Banting and бесплатный глюкометр a medical diagram of a human with the pancreas highlighted.

Banting's interest in the pancreas first sparked his work in treating diabetes. Originally he used insulin extracted from dogs to treat patients, and бесплатный глюкометр later switched to cows and pigs. It wasn't until the late 20th century that genetically engineered bacteria became the primary commercial source of bacteria.

World Diabetes Day coincides with what would have been Banting's 125th birthday. The Canadian Nobel Laureate died at the age of 49 in 1941.

To this day, Banting remains the youngest Nobel laureate in the area of physiology and medicine.

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